H817 – Where it is at currently

It has been a while since I posted about H817.

The reason for this is threefold:

  1. Up until recently an assignment was due, and that has taken my focus.
  2. Work and particularly the hectic travel schedule has meant I have been in catchup mode.
  3. The current work is a group project that drives us towards our third assignment.

This third assignment gets us to work with design thinking to create an innovative learning / distance learning / technology based learning process for a topic. The team I am involved with are looking at the history of aviation. Not a topic close to my heart, but a great excuse to work as a project team and play and learn with technologies.

The process we are following is something like:

Design learning H817

After a quick play about with basecamp to manage the project, we have decided to use Google Apps as the toolset of choice. It is a bit clunkier, but everyone has access through the Open University and all of the team have used it on previous learning projects. We are using OULive (aka Blackboard) for live conferences. Again, because they are easy and well known.

We are currently working our way through persona development and have a range of activities to hit each week.

When I have more information to share I will do!

Cheers, Andi


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