#100DayProject – Kick off

I have seen a whole range of people getting involved and engaged in the 100 Day Project, which is in essence, focusing on a topic or area for 100 days an sharing the results. As I am keen to develop my scribing skills (see WOL Project), I thought sharing a concept or model each day would really help with that skill and also share some of the key concepts I know that can help people improve their works and lives.

I still am in catchup mode after some massive work load and hectic travel and so this should be a bit quicker and easier than my @doodles4leaders project. I am also playing serious catchup with my studies at the moment (sorry team) 🙁

So #1 of #100daysofpersonalimprovement is the Circle of Control by Stephen Covey.

Possibly my all time favourite concepts for leadership, sales and life in general! I have written about this before HERE.

Circle of control - 100daysofpersonalimprovement


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