Openness sketchnote H817 – Wk7 Activity 3

Well having just handed in our first assignment for H817 at the Open University, the second block of the course has just started and is focused on openness. The first major activity of the week, activities two and three combined, was for us to read / watch two of the following resources and then create a visual resource that defines what opens means.

Having read through or watched the resources, I have chosen the first two as an excellent introduction. I certainly recommend reading the whole of Weller’s “Battle for Open” (pdf version HERE).  My representation is a Sketch note, as I am keen to improve my graphical recording capability (see HERE as to why). The sketch note has many of the key items that are mentioned in the two articles and for me provides a good summary as to the “WHY” and the “WHAT” of Openness.

Openness sketchnote H817

openness sketchnote H817

I am keen to get feedback on the Sketchnote or the resources, so….

What could I gave done better with the sketchnote? What did you think of the resources?

Thanks for reading, Andi

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