UKVIZ – Visual Practitioners conference – reflections

This time last week I attended the first ever UK meet up for visual practitioners or UKVIZ for short. This took place in Cambridge. Defining a visual practitioner is pretty tricky, but basically anyone who uses visuals to support business, organisations or education. Most of… Continue reading

Areas for OPEN research – H817 Week 7 Activity 4

Areas for OPEN research As part of Week 7 of H817, we were asked to consider areas for research on OPEN. There are so many, it is hard to pick just three: 1) Quality –  OERs are a mixed bunch in terms of quality. It… Continue reading

Experience with Open Education – H817 Week 7 Activity 1

The first activity on Block 2 of H817 asks us to write a blog post that describes our experience with open education. My experiences of open education are fairly limited and so really I only have two complete experiences to mention: Completing a MOOC: Course on gamification at Coursera… Continue reading

Openness sketchnote H817 – Wk7 Activity 3

Well having just handed in our first assignment for H817 at the Open University, the second block of the course has just started and is focused on openness. The first major activity of the week, activities two and three combined, was for us to read /… Continue reading

Stick people – Bikablo style

As part of my Working Out Loud challenge to become a graphic scribe, I recognised that I am absolutely hopeless at drawing. That is a bit of a challenge if you are aiming to charge for scribing in workshops. Now if I speak to graphic… Continue reading

SBI Feedback model – Situation Behaviour Impact

I while back I did some research around popular feedback models (Posts tagged “feedback“). Recently I was developing some materials for a client and they requested to use the SBI Feedback model. I did know of it, though personally do not use it, as I… Continue reading

Shane Sutton – Performance coaching – A conversation Sketchnote

Yesterday I had the opportunity, at a private event for OTD,  a training company I do associate work for,  to listen to Shane Sutton OBE talk about performance coaching for a few hours. Shane is currently the Technical Director of British Cycling and was previously head… Continue reading

Virtual team learning – 10 tips for success – H817

Over the last few weeks on the H817 Open University course, we were tasked to develop some activities in virtual study groups in teams of five people. Each activity had the duration of a week and required outputs to be published to our peer group… Continue reading

Powerful performance

I was asked recently to put together a half and full day workshop together for B2B sellers on the topic “powerful performance”. As I was thinking through what I have done in the past in my work as a coach and trainer, I was immediately… Continue reading

How did that happen – Sketchnote

This is a quick sketch note summary of the book “How did that happen” by Rogor Connors and Tom Smith focused on accountability:

New learning technologies – Activity 13 H817

As part of the MA on Online & Distance Education we have been asked to consider the use of new learning technologies in our organisation. I am considering here the Open University Faculty of Business and the course I support as an Associate Lecturer B629. Social… Continue reading

Business Model You – Sketchnote

This is a very quick Sketch note of Time Clark’s book “Business Model You” This builds off the Business Model Canvas idea and gets you to consider your career and how you can shift / change. I have used some of the tools and techniques… Continue reading

Graphic scribing tips

These are tips I have picked up from the Graphic Facilitation group on Facebook about how to build scribing competence: 1) Practice: Real time practice: Scribe meetings, conversations, interviews, videos such as TED & PBS. Not real time practice: Scribe book, article, journal, blog piece… Continue reading

Graphic Scribing – Working Out Loud project 2

I have been working around graphic scribes for the last 22 years, since working alongside, the now deceased, Paul Richardson back in 1994 for a really huge OD / Transformation project. His work really inspired me and the groups that we worked with. I know… Continue reading

Trello – Book development

Over the last few days as I get my head around writing a book, I needed to decide what was the researching, planning and developing the book. My ideas for where to manage this were: OneNote from Microsoft – Have not used this much recently.… Continue reading

Systems Thinking Book

After reading “Working Out Loud” by John Stepper, I have decided to embark on two Working Out Loud projects for 2016. One is the creation of a simple systems thinking book that would help managers learn and apply some of the core principles from systems thinking.… Continue reading

Working out loud – Sketchnote

This is a sketch note summery of the book Working Out Loud by John Stepper. This is one of the the best books I have read in a while and I would recommend to anyone in business. The book was recommended to me by one… Continue reading

Connectivism – A learning theory for the digital age – H817 Activity 11

These are my rough notes and thoughts for this paper by George Simmons Introduction Core learning theories (Behaviorism, cognitivism, and constructivism) were developed when learning was not impacted by technology. Knowledge creation has accelerated and the “half life” or period of usefulness has drastically reduced. Learning… Continue reading

Behaviourism – Rough notes on role in elearning – H817 Activity 10

These are my rough notes on the area of Behaviourism as a theory for learning. On the H817 course I am studying, our tutor group, was split into three and we were asked to consider strengths, weaknesses and applications to eLearning of one of the three… Continue reading

Random Acts of Kindness Week

This coming week is International Random Acts of Kindness week. This blog article has 50 great ways that we can impact positively other people. Helping others in this way has a very positive impact on our own happiness, as well as those that we help. Dr Richard Stevens… Continue reading