Creative Commons Licences – H817 Week 9 Activity 9

As part of H817 we have been asked to consider: “For your blog content and other material you produce, consider which of the Creative Commons licences you would use, and justify your choice. You can post this in the forum or in your blog.

Creative Commons licenses can look pretty complex but in reality they are a simple combination of choices:

Creative Common Licences

The choice I would give for posts from my blog would be:

creative commons licence

Why this choice:

It allows people to copy and publish my work – I am happy to share and most of my blogs are remixes of other work anyway.

Attribution: People must attribute to me – I think it is only fair that the author of the material is recognised . This also adds value to me in that it increases my visibility on the internet. Andi Roberts is a fairly unique name and so I can be found fairly easily in search.

Non Commercial use- I am happy for people to use my resources for commercial gain BUT I want to know what they want to use the materials for. NC means people must contact me if they wish to use for commercial purposes. I am most likely to say “yes”,but I wish to know first. So if someone does not contact me, they cannot use commercially.

Share Alike – Again like the Non Commercial use, I am happy to people to adapt and adjust my work AS LONG as they get in touch. Again, would probably say “yes” to the request, but I wish to know.

This for me seems to be the logical choice if there is no contact / engagement.

It allows people to copy, post and use my work, but as is and with me as the names author.

I have not stated this anywhere on the site, so one positive point is that this activity has got me to consider where to position this licence, so that all can see it. Even more work!

Thoughts or feedback on my perspective? Should I consider a different licence? if so, why?

Thanks for reading, Andi


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