Coaching overview

Andi Roberts works with people business people at all levels, to support them in achieving their personal and their businesses objectives, through face to face or telephone based coaching.

Coaching defined

Coaching is a one-on-one development process, formally contracted between a coach and a client, to help achieve goals related to professional development and/or business performance.

Areas of coaching that Andi works with clients on includes:

  • Developing a better work-life balance
  • Increasing productivity
  • Improving self management
  • Creating and sustaining important projects
  • Developing plans; sales, marketing, business, etc
  • Increasing sales performance
  • Developing personal vision and leadership
  • Assisting in business change management

How coaching helps people to achieve their objectives:

  • Coaching conversations are focused on an important area to the business and the client.
  • The coach provides a sounding board for ideas and works from a neutral perspective.
  • The coach from a neutral position creates a place in which personal limitations and beliefs can be examined and acted upon.
  • The coach helps the client generate new ideas and fresh thinking.
  • The coach supports the creation of boundaries and time frames and from this come personal accountability.
  • The coach helps the client build solid, long lasting plans.

Why use coaching rather than training:

  • It is more actively focused on untapping a clients potential.
  • It supports the development and fine tuning of skills learnt on training courses.
  • Coaches create development activities outside of the coaching conversation to fast track self development.
  • It supports the elimination of personal performance problems.
  • It develops skills and ideas that may not be learned in a class room.
  • It is one on one rather than one on many and is done “live”.
  • It is focused on passing on skills rather than “spoon feeding” and doing the job for them.
  • In reality, the most effective training / learning processes use a blend of training and coaching.

Andi Roberts supports coaching processes in several formats:

  • 1 to 1 based presencial coaching in Spain and major European cities
  • 1 to 1 telephone based coaching with clients at any location globally
  • Team coaching (presencial).
  • Coach the coach training courses.

Coaching toolset

Andi uses a range of tools for his coaching work. They include:

  • Psychometrics such as MBTI and DISC
  • Behavioural profiles such as TetraMap and PCSI
  • 360 feedback tools such as Social Style, Leadership Practises Inventory and Lominger Voices
  • Change tools such as ChangeWorks ChangeGrid
  • Visual tools such as visual coaching templataes

Andi Roberts coaches in English and Spanish, and whilst he is based in Spain, he can work at any global location via telephone based or presencial coaching.

Andi Roberts is a Certified Professional Coach designation of the International Coaching Federation – THE standard of excellent for corporate coaching