MBTI Feedback Coaching

  • Keen to help people get the best out of their work styles?
  • Interested in improving team effectiveness?
  • Looking to help people boost their performance?

Helping an individual understand their personality type is the first step to personal and professional growth. The MBTI® assessment helps individuals understand their strengths, their preferred working styles, and ultimately helps them see and maximise potential. Used individually to provide self-awareness and clarity of purpose, the MBTI assessment also helps create a better understanding and appreciation between team members and colleagues – enabling them to work better together.

Based around the work of Swiss psychologist Jung at the start of the last century the MBTI looks at our personal preferences across four dichotomies.

MBTI Feedback Coaching

MBTI Feedback Coaching Reports

Different report types are available depending on the needs. Overall these are the three most popular choices:

MBTI Organisational report: The MBTI Interpretive Report for Organisations describes how an individual’s MBTI type may be expressed in an organisational setting. It notes the respondent’s working style and their preferences in the workplace, building on employee strengths and developing areas relevant to your organisation. It contains:

  • The effects of an individual’s work style and preferences in work settings
  • Preferred styles of communication
  • Preferred approach to problem-solving

MBTI Personal Impact Report: This supports a comprehensive development experience by applying MBTI type knowledge to eight key development areas.

  • Your Work Style
  • Your Communication Style
  • Your Team Style
  • Your Decision-Making Style
  • Your Leadership Style
  • Your Conflict Style
  • How Stress Impacts You
  • Your Approach to Change

MBTI Profile report: This top-level MBTI Profile Report offers you a simple two-page outline of personalised information about a respondent’s type and associated MBTI characteristics.

Further reports exist and whole team reports can be generated for team development projects.

MBTI coaching packages

Andi Roberts provides three levels of coaching programme for Social Style coaching processes:

Bronze level Feedback coaching

  • MBTI instrument – Profile Report
  • One 60 minute feedback / coaching session
Silver level Feedback coaching

  • MBTI Instrument – Organisational Report
  • One 60 minute feedback session
  • Three 60 minute coaching sessions
Gold level Feedback coaching

  • MBTI Instrument – Personal Impact Report
  • One 60 minute feedback session
  • Six 60 minute coaching sessions
For groups of six or more, you may want to consider running a workshop (face to face or virtual) for a half or full day. A workshop would allow participants to learn their MBTI preferences, learn to recognise in others and develop skills in flexing their approach, in order to improve communication, teamwork etc.
Andi Roberts can deliver MBTI Feedback Coaching in English and Spanish and has an international team of accredited coaches to support regional or global roll outs. Andi Roberts is a certified MBTI Coach and a Professional Certified Coach of the International Coaching Federation.


  • Greater self awareness
  • Enhanced personal relationships
  • Increased team working skills
  • Improved performance

Coaching Collateral:

  • MBTI Report
  • Coaching handbook


  • Time: 20 mins to carry out the survey
  • Fees: Programme level dependent

Group size:

  • Run typically as one on one session but can be done in a group / team environment


  • Can be run face to face in London / M4 Corridor or globally via telephone / VOIP / Web conferencing

In addition:

  • Workshops on B2B Sales, than building, leadership skills that interweave MBTI are also run by Andi Roberts