EQ-I Feedback coaching – including EQ360

  • Keen to help individuals boost their effectiveness?
  • Interested in improving influencing skills?
  • Looking to help leaders improve their tolerance to stress?

The EQ-i 2.0 is one of the most scientifically validated Emotional Intelligence instruments on the market today. This instrument measures the interaction between a person and his or her environment, then presents results in both numerical and graphical form. The power of this instrument is in how the five Composite Scales and fifteen Subscales (see below) allows trained coaches  to predict with amazing accuracy what behaviors a person is most likely to exhibit and to pinpoint the motivations behind the behavior.

The EQ-i 2.0 model below shows how five Composite Scales and fifteen Subscales interact to predict behaviors. The circular nature of the model is a visual representation of how each area of Emotional Intelligence influences the next.

EQ-I Facets

EQ-i feedback coaching


As a result of completing the EQ-i 2.0, a person receives specific, measurable results that allow him or her to identify and leverage strengths and to put containment on any out-of-balance areas that could interfere with his/her ability to fully access strengths.

Benefits of EQ-I tool

  • Identifies strengths
  • Identifies challenge areas
  • Results presented in easy-to-read bar graphs
  • Focused on personal development
  • Promotes greater organizational effectiveness
  • Excellent succession planning tool
  • Great for developing leaders
  • Business-Centric Report

EQ-I Applications

  • Leadership development
  • Individual development
  • Organizational development
  • High potential identification
  • Team effectiveness
  • Succession planning initiatives
  • Executive and general coaching
  • Performance management


EQ-I coaching packages

Andi Roberts provides three levels of coaching programme for EQ-I coaching processes:

Eq-I Feedback Coaching - Bronze

  • EQ-I Multi-rater survey
  • One 90 minute feedback / coaching session
Eq-I Feedback Coaching - Silver

  • EQ-I Multi-rater survey
  • One 90 minute feedback session
  • Three 60 minute coaching sessions
Eq-I Feedback Coaching - Gold

  • Pre coaching process EQ-I Multi-rater survey
  • One 90 minute feedback session
  • Six 60 minute coaching sessions
  • Follow up EQ-I Multi-rater survey
  • One 60 minute final feedback session
For groups of six or more, you may want to consider running a workshop for a full day. A workshop would allow participants to understand the instruments background, review their results and deepen their skills in the key facets of Emotional Intelligence
Andi Roberts can deliver EQ-I Coaching in English and Spanish and has an international team of accredited coaches to support regional or global roll outs. Andi Roberts is certified to deliver coaching and training around EQ-I and a Professional Certified Coach of the International Coaching Federation.


  • Greater self awareness
  • Enhanced communication
  • Increased stress tolerance
  • Improved performance

Coaching Collateral:

  • EQ-I Multi-rater report
  • Coaching handbook (except Bronze package)


  • Time: 15 mins per feedback giver and programme level dependant for person being coached
  • Fees: Programme level dependent

Group size:

  • Run typically as one on one session but can be done in a group / team environment


  • Can be run face to face in London / M4 Corridor or globally via telephone / VOIP / Web conferencing

In addition:

  • Workshops on leadership skills that interweave EQ-I are also run by Andi Roberts