Take Charge of Your Talent

Take Charge of Your Talent

Take Charge of Your Talent - Coaching, Training and Facilitation

  • The Mission All people have the keys to take charge of their talent, and they enjoy using those keys to benefit themselves and others.
  • 2020 Vision By 2020, twenty million people or more, across twenty countries, will have the keys to take charge of their talent, with at least 20 percent of these people being from traditionally underserved populations—such as prisons, inner-city schools, and developing countries.
  • Engage your employees The Take Charge of Your Talent Program helps you fully develop the talent assets of your organisation to increase creativity, productivity, and satisfaction. In contrast with  top-down succession plans and other talent development strategies, Take Charge of Your Talent taps your participants’ own interests, energy, and aspirations.  It applies the latest scientific knowledge about constructive thinking to catalyse rapid results. What’s more, these tools scale efficiently so that you  can reach deeply into your organization.

Get in touch to re-empower your organisation

Andi Roberts is one of the handful of initial Certified Talent Champions who are trained to work with and bring to organisations the Take Charge Of Your Talent process. To build engagement, to create empowerment, to raise performance, simply get in touch.


Based on the extensive research and experience of leading coaches and authors Don Maruska and Jay Perry, Take Charge of Your Talent provides a simple three step coaching approach (called Keys) to allow people to engage with their vision and goals. The process is simple yet powerful and can be taught to anyone at any level in your organisation.

Key #1. Power up your talent story

Learn how you can be the hero of your own talent story with a Talent Catalyst Conversation that stimulates new possibilities and engages your self-motivation.

Key #2. Accelerate through obstacles

Inertia hobbles us unless we take concerted action to break through it. Translate intentions into action and apply proven productivity tools to create room to grow and nurture the inner qualities that will rocket your hopes into reality.

Key #3. Multiply the pay-off for yourselves and others

As you explore and develop your talent, learn to develop valuable personal assets that are concrete and transferable. Make your talent a joy for yourself and a contribution to the world.

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