World Café Facilitation

The World Café is a flexible facilitated process that is aimed at creating collaborative dialogue , sharing mutual knowledge and discovering new opportunities for action. The World Café facilitation technique which is based on the theory of systems thinking, creates dynamic conversations, that can catalyze an organizations collective intelligence around the questions and issues that master most to the organisation as a whole.

World Café works well when
World Cafe Facilitation - Master Facilitator Andi Roberts
* When you want to generate input, share knowledge, stimulate innovative thinking, and explore action possibilities around real life issues and questions.
* To engage people, whether they are meeting for the first time, or are in established relationships, in authentic conversation.
* To conduct in-depth exploration of key strategic challenges or opportunities.
* To deepen relationships and mutual ownership of outcomes in an existing group.
* To create meaningful interaction between a presenter and an audience.
* To engage groups that are larger than 16 people in a process of dialog.

World Café does not work well when
* You know what you want to do.
* You don’t really care for the ideas of the organisation members.
* You are meeting to create implementation plans.
* Your group is smaller than 16 people.

How can World Café be used in our business setting?

World Café can be used at one of events such as internal meetings or as part of larger processes such as organisational redesign, strategy development and change processes. If you are looking to create new ideas, share best practise and generate significant buy in to change the World Café in an excellent process.

World Cafe Facilitation - UK and EuropeExamples of uses of  World Café Facilitation:
Internal meetings : sales meetings, department meetings, new project definition, strategic planning, business alignment, project review, end of your review, kick off meetings.
Client meetings : product development, service or product improvement
Merger / Acquisitions : Culture designing , communication planning , stakeholder meetings.

Andi Roberts can provide support and facilitation, in English or Spanish, for the whole World Café process from the initial planning through to supporting idea sustainability. For more information contact Andi Roberts using one of the contact methods at the top of the page.

[Image Credit: World Café Website]