Influence 4

Welcome to session 4 of the self paced course on influencing.

So you have to give a speech. Or make a presentation, or preside over an important meeting. How much time do you spend on preparing the content? And then how much rehearsal time do you put in? You know, reading the speech out loud, maybe even recording it, or watching yourself in a mirror while speaking?

In her TED talk, coach Laura Sicola reminds us of research showing that audiences respond more to the way you say something (i.e., delivery, tone of voice, body language) than the actual content or words you use. The lesson here is yes, prepare that content, but don’t try to wing the delivery!

Step 1 – After a heavy amount of reading in session 3, this session is simpler. Watch and reflect on Laura’s TED video:

STEP 2 – Answer the following self reflection questions.

  1. What are the key messages that resonate from Laura’s talk?
  2. How can you take here key messages and bring them into your world?
  3. What might stop you applying the ideas? How can you mitigate these blockers to implementation?
  4. How more effective at influencing would you be if you put them into practice?
  5. What is the first thing that you will do?

Laura is very active on multiple social / broadcasting websites. HERE are are some go her excellent resources.

Thanks for watching and reflecting.

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