Influence 5

One of the key people that we typically need to influence at work is our direct manager. I recently came across a blog article that I thought was spot on in terms of advice on how to manage your boss.

Step 1 – Read THIS blog article from the team at “The Happy Manager”. HERE is a .rtf file of the article.

Step 2 – Reflect on the following questions:

  1. Of the seven areas: Which do you see as strengths and areas you particularly need to develop?1 First try to understand your boss.
    2 Don’t try to be a transformer.
    3 Build on strengths.
    4 Focus strengths on things that matter.
    5 Find out what works.
    6 Build your relationship.
    7 How to avoid being overloaded or having your time wasted.
    8 Build a bigger network.
  2. Which is the one area that you could improve that would make the biggest impact?
  3. What practical ways can you improve or do better that one area?
  4. How will you know it is having an impact?
  5. What is the first thing you are going to do AND when are you going to do it?

Thanks for reading and reflecting!

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