Bikablo challenge – 100 sketchnotes

Today I completed my self set drawing challenge, the Bikablo challenge.

The challenge was to draw 100 note pages around the topic of “self improvement”, using “bikablo” style figures.

I set myself the Bikablo challenge in order to help shift towards my working out loud challenge of becoming a graphic scribe.

100 days bikablo challenge

The Bikablo challenge has been an interesting one. I have had several shifts over the course of the challenge:

Content – Initially I thought I would have so many topics to cover that I was confident that I would have enough to hit the target. By about thirty pages I was not so sure. This concern dissipated, when I realised that I could cast out my net to concepts beyond “pure” models.

Figures – At the start of the process, I had my three Bikablo books open and consulted them for every drawing. Two thirds of the way through, I stopped using them as a crutch and started to design my own figures.

Layout – My confidence has shifted over the course of the 100 drawings. I now place drawings better on the page and have a sense of various layouts for the same style of content. Creative layout is becoming easier.

Flipcharts – I have incorporated the use of Bikablo figures into my training, facilitation and coaching work. One area where they are particularly adding value is in my flipcharts for sessions. I have had a lot of positive feedback on the drawings and how the visuals improve the impact of my charts,

From having done this I see that my next challenge is my writing. I will think of a “font challenge” over the next few days and consider starting that.

All 100 of the sketchnotes for the Bikablo challenge count be found at 100daysofpersonalimprovement. I aim to port them to here over time, but at the moment, I do not have time to do that.

It would great to get some feedback: What do you think of the drawings? What other challenges related to scribing / drawing would help me improve?

Thanks for reading, Andi

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